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About theGame

Glow - The Game is a dexterity, action racer in which you take controll of a litlle ball rushing through exciting tracks in the endless space!

What is Glow about

Glow - The Game was intended as a pure dexterity game. All the levels were suppost to be absolutly dark while the user would controll the only light source: the Glow ball.
After a long process of brainstorming and test sessions the game developed to what it is. A fast action racer in space.

Kind of an odd devolpement I grant you that, but the actual solution blows up our highest expactations.

Who we are

We as Team Balls are the creators of Glow - The Game. Our six headed team consists of three artists, one Programmer, one game designer and one producer. Despite of our different sectors we had the opportunity to get an insight of all the different work aspects the development of such a game takes. So that we are able to say that we have a basic knowledge about every field of our colleagues.

  • highspeed level design
  • intergalctic space environment
  • challenging highscore system
  • different unlockable skins
  • atmospheric sci-fi style
  • 3 different exciting tracks
  • stunning speed particle effects
  • amazing graphical design

Project Gallery

Here you see a variaty of screenshots of Glow - The Game

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Development Documents

While we were developing Glow - The Game we learned that documents like the GDD (Game Design Document) or the Art Bible are essential to determine on the same point of views. That prohibits to do the same work multiple times. So you can reconstruct what kind of content we used to plan our Game and how some things changed through developing, you be able to take a look into our documents and make a picture by yourself.

Meet the Team


Nico Lemmer

Game Designer


Linus Hohage



Dennis Bölke

3D Artist / Lead Artist


Robert Erik Auls



Markus Hilbert

3D Artist


Emre Karabacak

3D Artist

Contact us

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to send us a message.

S4G School for Games GmbH
Team Balls
Gubener Straße 47
10243 Berlin


+49 30 96595244

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